Television Update H2 2017: Advanced TV’s Progress

Executive Summary
Advanced TV—which includes addressable, programmatic, and over-the-top (OTT)—continues to build momentum. The TV marketplace is better prepared to transact in a digital-like manner due to sophisticated targeting that is driven by data and automation.

There are many subsets of advanced TV, but what they […]

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Television Update Spring 2017: How TV Audience Measurement Must Change

Executive Summary
Nielsen’s audience measurement system—the gold standard for pricing TV ads—faces the challenge of capturing all sources of viewing data due to audience fragmentation and increased video consumption on connected and second-screen devices. New products on the horizon from Nielsen and others aim to close […]

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Television Update Winter 2016-2017

Executive Summary
For decades, TV advertising time has been valued and transacted on the basis of delivering the standard age and gender audience segments, such as adults ages 25 to 54. But richer, more descriptive advanced targets are emerging to form the basis for secondary audience […]

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Television Update Fall 2016: Is the Surge in TV Ad Spending a Normal Shift or a Trend?

Executive Summary
The recent upswing in TV ad spending likely signifies a normal spend fluctuation buoyed by an increase in total ad expenditures, rather than a mass return to the first screen by advertisers. But time and improved TV-digital attribution measurement will help settle the matter […]

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Television Update Q2 2016: Advanced TV’s Progress

Executive Summary
The emergence of advanced TV—including addressable, programmatic, over-the-top (OTT) and interactive TV (iTV)—signals a digital makeover of the first screen. Such developments will help advertisers achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness through sophisticated targeting, driven by data and automation.

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Television Update, Q1 2016: In Advance of the Upfronts, Four Changes on the Horizon

Executive Summary
TV networks seek to infuse more value in their ad inventory as they compete with digital channels for consumer attention and advertising dollars. Although the four developments below could all have an impact on TV inventory pricing for this year’s TV Upfronts, their effect […]

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The Year in Video and TV

eMarketer’s TV and video analysts, Gerard Broussard and Paul Verna, recap the key trends of 2016, and offer some predictions for 2017.
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eMarketer podcast featuring Gerard Broussard



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Enriching Media Data: Quality is Key Requisite for Maximizing ROI

This important CIMM study is my most recent Big Data work for the Marketing and Advertising industry.

The Marketing and Advertising industry has been frenetically stitching together consumer data from a potpourri of sources that include TV set top boxes, tablets, smart phones, desktop PCs, magazine […]

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A Primer for Defining and Implementing Big Data in the Marketing and Advertising Industry

Prepared for the Council for Research Excellence by Gerard Broussard, Principal, Pre-Meditated Media
October 23, 2014
The practice of audience measurement and, more broadly, media research, is transforming rapidly. Not too many years ago we worked in a world where data were scarce and our capacity to […]

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